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Content Knowledge

My coursework at William & Mary has provided me with a strong foundation for my teaching career, and so far I have maintained a 4.0 average. I have completed the following coursework:

  • CRIN 591 Current Issues in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • EDUC F11 Social, Philosophical, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Education
  • EDUC F12 Advanced Educational Psychology & Development
  • EDUC F65 Research Methods in Education

  • CRIN 550 Assessment of Learning
  • CRIN 590 Collaborating w/Families and School Personnel
  • CRIN E08 Introduction to Classroom Management, Organization & Discipline
  • CRIN E10 Adaptations for Exceptional Student Populations
  • CRIN E11 Student Teaching Seminar in Elementary Ed
  • CRIN E22 Characteristics of Exceptional Student Populations

  • CRIN E03 Elementary Reading & Language Arts Curriculum & Instruction
  • CRIN E05 Elementary Social Studies C&I
  • CRIN E06 Elementary Science C&I
  • CRIN E07 Elementary Mathematics C&I
  • CRIN E09 Designs for Technology-Enhanced Learning
    • NOTE: in our methods coursework, instruction in health/physical education was rolled into the science course and instruction in art was rolled into the social studies course.

In order to qualify for a teaching license, I have completed the following standardized tests: PRAXIS I, PRAXIS II Elementary Education Content Knowledge, VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment), and the VRA (Virginia Reading Assessment). I scored in the upper quartile or better in all of the assessments and I qualified for a Recognition of Excellence certificate from ETS for my performance on the PRAXIS II.

  • PRAXIS I Reading -- 184 out of 190
  • PRAXIS I Writing -- 185 out of 190
  • PRAXIS I Math -- 187 out of 190
  • PRAXIS II Elementary Content Knowledge -- 191 out of 200
  • VCLA Reading Subtest -- 300 out of 300
  • VCLA Writing Subtest -- 292 out of 300
  • VRA -- 285 out of 300

My undergraduate coursework at the University of Virginia has also provided me with a strong foundation for my teaching career. I majored in English and minored in Spanish, and although U.Va. does not allow more than one minor, I completed the coursework required for a minor in biology and a minor in photography. I received college credit from U.Va. for eight Advanced Placement tests: Art History, English, American Government, Comparative Government, U.S. History, Calculus, Physics, and Psychology.

College coursework and personal experience have also given me a rich background in the areas of physical education and the arts. The coursework that I completed for the equivalent of a minor in photography at U.Va. included two general arts classes that provided experience in a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, and sculpture. Since high school I have also had an interest in health-related topics such as fitness and nutrition. In high school I competed competitively in tennis, field hockey, cross country, track, and swimming. Since then I have regularly devoted time to working out. As a personal hobby, I have also read extensively about nutrition and healthy eating. As a student teacher, I occasionally integrated my knowledge of fitness and nutrition where appropriate. For example, the cooperating teacher and I led students in warm-up exercises and required two laps of running and one lap of walking each day before outdoor recess. In the newsletter I created for parents in my student teaching classroom, I included tips on packing healthy snacks and lunches for students.

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The following documents provide examples of work I completed in my methods courses for the core subject areas (reading, math, science, and social studies). The science module includes a lesson that integrates health, and the social studies culture kit on Contemporary U.S. society includes a lesson plan that integrates art.

  • In my social studies methods class, my group completed a "culture kit" with lesson plans, artifacts, narrative, resources, and assessment questions on the topic of "Contemporary United States, 1965-present." In addition, I planned and taught a lesson on the 2008 presidential election to a K-1 class.
external image pdf.png Contemporary U.S., 1965-present.pdf
external image msword.png presidential election lesson edited.doc

  • In my math methods class, I completed a portfolio of my best work from throughout the semester, including a lesson plan and math challenge problem that I taught, as well as good read-aloud books for teaching math and links to useful math websites.
external image msword.png math portfolio.doc

  • In my science methods class, my teammate and I completed an in-depth Grade 1 module on plants with two weeks' worth of lesson plans and assessments. I also planned and taught a lesson on magnets to a K-1 class, and I collaborated with two of my peers to teach a discovery circus on adaptations to a fourth-grade class.
external image msword.png Plant Science Module 2.doc
external image msword.png Science Lesson Plan edited.doc
external image msword.png Discovery Circus -- edited.doc

  • In my reading/language arts methods class, I planned and taught a guided reading lesson for first graders as well as a read/write/think aloud lesson for fourth-graders.
external image msword.png Guided Reading lesson plan.doc
external image msword.png read-write-think aloud.doc