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Teaching Skills

The constructive reflection in this domain will center on how you use instructional strategies to communicate effectively and to support student engagement in the learning process. Your ability to successfully implement lessons in the content area(s) that you teach is at the core of this domain. In this reflection, provide artifacts of professional quality that demonstrate your abilities in the following areas:
differentiate from planning: off the cuff changes, flexibility, responding to students

  • Teach based on planned lessons (Competency 9)
  • Provide for individual differences in the classroom (Comptency 10) --> math lesson on differentiation, small group reading (describe what actually happens rather than the planning, and show pic), intervention lesson

  • Use a variety of effective instructional strategies appropriate for the content area(s) (Competency 12) --> pres election lesson,
  • Use motivational strategies and actively engage students in learning (Competencies 11 & 13) --> math lesson on differentiation used students' names; pres election lesson used puppies with silly voices and kinesthetic activity; math lesson of "Room 15 Restaurant" or "Room 15 Yard Sale"; science activity simulating a thunderstorm; sci activity simulating wind, + making wind socks
  • Promote critical thinking skills (Competency 14) --> math activity filling in 100-chart puzzle pieces, daily cloze activity folded into morning message; math problem of week together as a class
One of the artifacts may include a portion of a video-taped or audio-taped lesson.

Elementary education students must provide artifacts from each of the four core content areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

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