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This is a page where I will share examples of lesson plans, modules, and other work.

  • In my social studies methods class, my group completed a "culture kit" with lesson plans, artifacts, narrative, resources, and assessment questions on the topic of "Contemporary United States, 1965-present." In addition, I planned and taught a lesson on the 2008 presidential election to a K-1 class.

  • In my math methods class, I completed a portfolio of my best work from throughout the semester, including a lesson plan and math challenge problem that I taught, as well as good read-aloud books for teaching math and links to useful math websites.

  • In my science methods class, my teammate and I completed an in-depth Grade 1 module on plants with two weeks' worth of lesson plans and assessments. I also planned and taught a lesson on magnets to a K-1 class, and I collaborated with two of my peers to teach a discovery circus on adaptations to a fourth-grade class.

  • In my reading/language arts methods class, I planned and taught a guided reading lesson for first graders as well as a read/write/think aloud lesson for fourth-graders.